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choreographed by Abby Crain & featuring Crain, David Buuck, & Mara Poliak.

part of the Verge Festival @ the Garage, 715 Bryant St, SF, July 11 & 12, 8pm

more info here

Two performances/videos @ Bath House

Converted Storefront” (Oakland, 2010) & “Not Necessarily Against Expression” (NYC, 2011) @ BH Journal. thanks to editor Joe Sacksteder & the BH crew—

Violence & Community @ Naropa next week

I have 3 gigs next Tues & Wed as part of the inaugural Jack Kerouac Symposium on Violence and Community, curated by Bhanu Kapil & Michelle Naka Pierce:

Tues 5/1 – 12-3pm – durational performance @ Naropa College, Sycamore Rm. 8150

Tues 5/1 – 7 pm – group reading with Gabrielle Civil, Kate Zambreno, & Melissa Buzzeo

Wed 5/2 – Noon – panel on art & violence. Naropa Performing Arts Center.


We Are All Sound

video from last weekend’s Small Press Traffic performance. Thanks to Evan Karp

Review of Bowery Poetry Club performance

…in Jacket2 – Thanks, Thom!

(audio here, though missing 9 minute video at end)

Black Box Theater: United 93 – audio online

Reading/performance of United 93 @ Tom Comitta’s amazing Calmaplombprombombbalm – featuring Tom, Stephanie Young, Judith Goldman, Alli Warren, & myself. Recorded on 9/11/11 in Oakland.


“This is Nothing New” – Dec 14/15 @ the Garage

I’ll be performing (uh, “dancing”) in Abby Crain’s “This is Nothing New: Here are some things we are chewing on and this time you can watch” as part of a 3 choreographer showcase at the Garage this Wed and Thur eves.
Details here:

and tickets here:

New work in P-Queue #8

My performance text (playscript?) “Black Box Theater: United 93″ is in the great new issue of P-Queue. Audio version coming soon…


9:35:19  Sit down. Sit down. You know, sit down.

9:35:24  No, no, no.

9:35:30  Down, down, down, down.

9:35:32  Are you talking to me?

9:35:33  No, no, no.

9:35:35  Down in the airport.

9:35:39  Down, down.

9:35:40  I don’t want to die.

9:35:41  No, no. Down, down.

9:35:42  I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.

9:35:44  No, no. Down, down, down, down, down, down.

9:35:47 No, no, please.

9:35:57 No.

9:37:06 (That’s it. Go back.)

9:37:06 (That’s it.) Sit down.

9:37:36 (Everthing is fine. I finished.)


Crystal Nexus (soma)tic exercise

having done parts one (the swallowing) & two (the resulting poem) of CA Conrad’s (Soma)tic Exercise #54

Not necessarily against expression….

Performance @ Jenkins Johnson Gallery, NY, 2 June 11

(obvs should be ‘preparing’ tho perhaps a telling slip…)