Call for Participants: Freeway Collaborations

As part of ongoing research into site-based performance, the California landscape, and the psycho-geographies of the tour, the trip, & the commute, BARGE is inviting  collaborators for a series of ‘accidental encounters’ —


Sometime in the afternoon of Friday Oct 24 I will be driving a red Toyota pick-up south on I-5, between Stockton and Los Angeles. On Monday evening Oct 27, I will have parked the same pick-up outside of Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown. Sometime midday Tuesday Oct 28 I will be driving the same pick-up on westbound Hwy 62, between Yucca Valley and Twenty-nine Palms. At some point in the morning of Thursday Oct 30, the same pick-up will be moving northeastward on 247. In each instance, collaborators are welcome to crash their vehicles into mine, creating a site-based accidental sculpture, a public-art performance, & the resultant documentation in the form of police, medical, repair-shop and insurance records. Collaborators will be considered instant co-authors of the results.


RSVPs not necessary, though welcome.




One response to “Call for Participants: Freeway Collaborations

  1. This would fit in nicely with my, ‘Shady Copse Collaboration’. I’m inviting people to kill me by bludgeoning me to death with a heavy instrument of their choice. The site will be a shady copse just off the I-5 outside Stockton. Maybe I could crash into your truck, and you could get mad and follow me . . .

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