17 Reasons Why: memory-mapping

From a visitor’s response to this prompt:

Please take a moment to write or sketch some of your feelings and/or memories about the Mission District. If you close your eyes, what can you recall of the neighborhood we’re in right now? How are such memories connected to the sights and sounds, the odors and tastes, the built structures and natural environment of the Mission? What feelings do such sensory details evoke? How would you describe the Mission District to someone who’s never been here? We will incorporate your contributions into our ongoing research and productions. Thanks for participating!

“An aquaintance—someone I used to see at parties at our flat on Dolores St. or around town from time to time—was shot in the head while on a pay phone in front of the York Theatre (now the Brava) one night in 1986. That marked the Mission for me. From that time on I could never wander around the neighborhood without a certain dis-ease. When we found an affordable apartment on Treat & 25th in 2003, I wandered the length of Treat, Harrison, Alabama, Florida, & 24th Streets before I realized—to my surprise—that I felt drawn to the neighborhood. I’ve never felt like that about any other place I’ve lived—& I’ve lived in more than 30 places… One morning I went to La Victoria for rolls and every building on 24th St was closed down. Except La Victoria. The neighborhood went on strike against Schwarzenegger criminalizing drivers licenses for undocumented residents. If this information could be so well known, and I was completely unaware of it, what claims could I make on my own neighborhood? I think I’m always negotiating this question.”

Thanks to whoever contributed this – more to come… 



3 responses to “17 Reasons Why: memory-mapping

  1. I remember that incident as well as I was living in San Francisco at the time, at 24th and Mission. I don’t remember the name of the guy who was shot, but I remember he was an artist, and quite beautiful, and very young. I’m not really answering “the prompt” here, but I wanted to add my voice.

  2. hey nada-
    did i really use the word ‘prompt’ – yikes, can you tell i teach comp? I gots the adjunctivitis… xDB

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