Wed. May 20: BARGE & Mission17 event with Erick Lyle, Kari Orvik, & Nick Pagoulatos

Please join Mission17 Gallery & BARGE as we host another event in conjunction with the current “17 Reasons Why” exhibit, an ongoing residency exploring the cultural politics of the Mission district, hosted by David Buuck & BARGE. Writers, artists, & activists Erick Lyle, Kari Orvik, and Nick Pagoulatos will present recent work related to the Mission District and anti-gentrification struggles in San Francisco. There will be food, drinks, and conversation as well, so please come by!

Erick Lyle is a writer, musician, activist, and zine editor. He is the author of *On the Lower Frequencies: A Secret History of the City* (Soft Skull), and since 1991 has edited the influential zine *Scam.* He has published work in a wide variety of cultural and political publications, performed in numerous bands, and worked with the Coalition on Homelessness in San Francisco. He spent much of the 90’s hopping freight trains around the country and living without electricity in abandoned buildings. For most of 15 years, now, though, he has resided mostly in San Francisco.

Kari Orvik is a San Francisco photographer whose work in low-income housing led her to start creating public portraiture projects. Like a portable JC Penney, she has set up on-site photo studios in SRO’s, on rooftops and on the street, where community members can get formal portraits for their own use. Displaying these portraits in public spaces has been a way to recognize as members of the community everyone who lives, works, hangs out in or passes through our public spaces. In 2007 she received a San Francisco Arts Commission Grant for her photo and video project Mission Portrait Studio.

Nick Pagoulatos is the Community Planning & Development Director at Dolores Street Community Services, and the Coordinator for MAC, the Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition, whose goal is to stop the displacement of working class people in the Mission District and San Francisco. He has also worked as the Project Director for St. Peter’s Housing Committee and at the Mission Economic Development Agency on community planning, economic development, and land use issues. With a background in housing law and tenant advocacy, he holds a J.D. from the New College of California.

Wed. May 20, 6-8pm

Mission17 Gallery

2111 Mission Street @ 17th, 4th floor


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