The Side Effect: reflections

THE SIDE EFFECT (Canessa Park: SF: 21 Nov 09)

“When I walk I lose authorship” — Lygia Clark

capital I I was to read at capital C Canessa capital P Park, part of the open quote autobiography close quote night comma with capital D Dana capital T Teen capital L Lomax and capital K Kevin capital K Killian period capital I I apostrophe d been thinking about a conversation capital I I apostrophe d had with capital R Renee capital G Gladman about her compositional process ampersand her use of the sentence as the unit she uses to investigate personhood period capital I also decided to have someone else read on my behalf while capital I I stood in the back of the room comma someone who is the age that capital I I apostrophe d been in the narrative dash time that capital I had decided to focus on in my open quote reading close quote ellipses

Here are some reflections on the compositional process, the ‘reading’ itself, and other variations I think might have been more compelling / challenging / interesting / etc…

One response to “The Side Effect: reflections

  1. Properly speaking…no, we cannot say…this is the seeking.

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