Converted Storefront Performance/Talk

“Knock amok linguistic traffic” Sat. the 13th Storefront 40th in a micro-lecture cris cheek’s out last year of transcribing text in the next 2-3 inside the-as-if some mouth 2 you, watching, might look thru the outside hours ago the plants as I walk the street, like cheek mediated by location/static passersby, audience inside now unfold as we listen 2 it. Across the billboard

cheek: “to speech is to position” but recitation? “poetentials, stumble twists in isolation or as I am a thorn as I walk,” street-reproductions sidewalk-free, I am see + it makes me fog; p141: “call-signs, misinform- please advise.” Thinking a text, such kinds of mulch shd embody engage the outside, to think from the now walking town, enough 4 yr signpost

California while 20 some yrs London, collecting the maybe + re-hashed in my hands, to find engage p161: “then hot – sounds speech – country” Else he has ellipses unscripted performance… + down highway step the space of writing as I pass the container for feedings, the book + I think of where talks about context-duration (performance of which) is not … acted script but engaged questions

the trans-script prosthetic to muscles while uncommon p171 “from something” out from conditions collide-somatic where procedures 4 rdg content to also body activated critically master – with the text – come in an angle – with a certain “already” about Oakland, some 16 Black Panthers, 1st street action, histories erased, textual, but the lived histories (x3) stutter

p6: “Details are much compost and + + lists reorg. do constitute      comment” the dead 41st St. the fence: no dump no trespass as I walk a close rdg of this fence is property not from this open to p224 of “of helpless fence thin media finally”

+ it is, reading text in providing for escaping that dead forms, + spatial storefront this text inside where you R together as I turn into my own dialect + transcription.

One response to “Converted Storefront Performance/Talk

  1. Really interesting. Thanks for describing.

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