Josey Foo & Leah Stein, A Lily Lilies, Nightboat, 2011, Nathalie Sarraute, Tropisms, trans Maria Jolas, 1956/63, Horacio Castellanos Moya, The She-Devil in the Mirror, trans Katherine Silver, New Directions, 2000/09, Rudolph Wurlitzer, Slow Fade, 1985 (audio), Karl Holmqvist, THE K. PROTOCOL, Akiyoshidai International Art Village, 2003, Clarice Lispector, The Hour of the Star, trans Giovanni Pontiero, NDP, 1977/86, Frans de Waal, Primates and Philosophers, Princeton, 2006,  DeWayne Frazier Dickerson, I Say I Need Help, Radar Productions, 2011,  Hannah Weiner issue of Wild Orchids, eds Sean Reynolds & Robert Dewhurst, 2010, Joseph Lease, Testify, Coffee House, 2011, Cherríe Moraga, The Last Generation, West End, 1993, Brendan Lorber, ed, Lungull #19, 2011, Richard Brautigan, A Confederate General in Big Sur, 1964, Jack Kerouac, Big Sur, 1961, Alejandro Zambra, Bonsai, trans Carolina de Robertis, Melville House, 2008,  Hannah Arendt, “Truth and Politics,” 1968, TJ Clark & Donald Nicholson-Smith, “Why Art Can’t Kill the Situationist International,” October, 1997, subRosa, “Useless Gender: an immodest proposal for radical justice” & “Human Rights and Cyberfeminism,” in Yes Species, 2005, Cassie Smith, being when wendy, in MS, 2011, Donato Mancini, Buffet World, New Star, Vancouver, 2011, Edith Wharton, “Xingu,” 1916, NaoKo TakaHashi, Not So Too Much of Much of Everything, Book Works, London, 2007, Veena Cabreros-Sud, “Kicking Ass,” Eisa Davis, “Sexism and the Art of Feminist Hip-Hop,” & bell hooks, “Beauty Laid Bare: Aesthetics in the Ordinary,” in To Be Real, ed Rebecca Walker, Anchor, 1995, Jerry Bowles & Tony Russell, This Book is a Movie, Delta, 1971, Franck Kruk, Down You Go, or Négation de Brut, aprés Danielle Collobert, Punch Press, 2011

Plus: Miguel Gutierrez @ The Garage, Casteneda/Reiman @ Bear Ridgway, “Bramblur” @ Johansson Projects, “TEXTile” @ Creative Growth, “Bay Area Now 6” @ Yerba Buena Center, Cecilia Dougherty @ Right Window


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