This, plus Andrew McCarron, Mysterium, Edgewise, 2011, Tennessee Williams, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, 1950, Alejandro Zambria, The Private Lives of Trees, trans. Megan McDowell, Open Letter, 2010, Camilla Jalving, “Inventing Reality: On truth and lies in the work of Hayley Newman,” in Performative Realism, eds Rune Gade & Anne Jerslev, 2005, Hayley Newman, Performancemania, Matt’s Gallery, 2001, P-Queue #8, eds Holly Melgard & Joey Yaerous-Algozin, 2011, Carolyn Rodgers, how i got ovah: new and selected poems, Anchor, 1975, Elouise Loftin, Barefoot Necklace, Jamima House, 1975, Holly Melgard, Foods for Baby/Shapes for Baby/Colors for Baby, troll thread, 2011, Jane Bowles, Two Serious Ladies, 1946, Raúl Homero Villa, Barrio Logos: Space and Place in Urban Chicano Literature and Culture, Texas, 2000, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, “Zidane’s Melancholy,” 2009, Luis Sepúlveda, The Shadow of What we Were, trans Howard Cutris, Europa, 2009, Erica Kaufman, Instant Classic, Least Weasal, 2011,

Plus Blinky Palermo @ Hessel Museum, Blinky Palermo & Franz Edhard Walther @ Dia Beacon


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