Pamela Lu, Ambient Parking Lot, Kenning, 2011, Miguel Syjuco, Illuminato, 2010,  Rodrigo Rey Rosa, The Good Cripple, trans Esther Allen, NDP, 1996/2004, Flannery O’Connor, The Violent Bear it Away, 1960, Abraham Lincoln #7, eds. Mohommad & Boyer, 2012, Luisa Valenzuela, He Who Searches, trans Helen Lane, 1977/87, Mario Bellatín, Beauty Salon, trans Kurt Hollander, City Lights, 2000/09, Laura Jaramillo, The Reactionary Poems, olywa, 2008, Jeroen Mettes, “Political Poetry: A Few Notes: Poetics for N30,” trans Vicent van Gerven Oei, Continent #2.1, 2012, Lars Bang Larsen, “Zombies of Immaterial Labor: the modern monster and the death of death,” e-flux 2010, Lost Children’s School of Cartography, “Lost in the Fog: Dead Ends & Potentials of the Occupy Movement,” Nov 2011,  Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, 1940,  Sergio Chejfec, My Two Worlds, trans Margaret Carson, Open Letter, 2008/11, Keston Sutherland, Stress Positions, Barque, 2009, Dia Felix, “Los Angeles Hurricane,” 2010,

plus Yedda Morrison @ Right Window, Alexis Knowlton @ 2nd Floor Projects, “I am Crime” @ SOMArts, & Daido Moriyama, Robert Adams, Chris Burden’s Metropolis II, & “California Design, 1930-1965” @ LACMA

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