Events and Readings, Summer/Fall 2015

July 30 — Journal of Aesthetics and Protest release party, La Commune Cafe & Bookstore, North Oakland, with Cassie Thornton, Olive McKeon, & Irina Contreras. 7-9pm. /

Aug 8 — Versal @ Mixtree, Amsterdam. 5pm.

Aug 13 — Berlin, details TBA.

Sep 11 — Los Angeles: Tripwire #9 release event, with CAConrad, Jen Hofer, Marianne Morris, Nancy Popp, Diane Ward, Sholeh Wolpe, & Gelare Khoshgozaran, CIELO Gallery, South Central.

Sep 18 — SUNY-Buffalo, 7pm, details TBA

Sep 19 —  SITE CITE CITY NYC release, Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, with Monica de la Torre & Diana Hamilton.

Sep 25 — SITE CITE CITY Bay Area release, Alley Cat Books, San Francisco, with Sophia Kim & Kevin Killian, 7pm

Oct 22 — Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, 4pm, reading and Q&A with Tonya Foster

Oct 28 — Santa Cruz, details TBA, w Jared Stanley, Angel Rodriquez, & Gaby

Nov 15— Howard Zinn Book Fair: Adjunct Action | Poets in Action, w Jessica Beard, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, David Buuck, Stephanie Young, panel co-chaired by Jessica Lawless (SEIU) and Sheila Tully (CFA)
City College of San Francisco, 1:45–2:45 pm in the Tillie Olsen Room, free

Dec 2 — City Lights, San Francisco, with Dodie Bellamy

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