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A Neural Net

downloadable here 

Collectively assembled by Rachel Levitsky & Ira Livingston (OoRS), Jen Hofer (ANTENA), Jen Scappettone, Kathy Westwater, & Seung-Jae Lee (PARK), and myself (BARGE)

for the Ecopoetics Conference panel “Ground Scores: Unburying Ecologies Through Embodied Practice”


New publications


“Push” – a performance text by myself & Abby Crain, in the new Itch #15

& “17 Reasons Why” in Mission 17, 2004-2009, ed Clark Buckner & Laura Mott

Upcoming Readings/Events

Sat 2/18 – @ Bowery Poetry Club, w Anne Tardos, 4pm

Mon 2/20 – BARGE lecture on De/Re/occupied Public Space, The Office of Recuperative Poetics Lecture Series, Pratt Institute, Alumni Reading Room, 12-130 pm

Thur 2/23 – @ Moonstone Arts Center, Philly, w Brian Teare & Erin Moure, 7pm

Location Scouting for Octopi Oakland

Click here – see you #N17


Upcoming Readings

Sun, March 20, C/C Reading Series, with Dodie Bellamy & Corina Copp, @ Fergie’s Pub, 1214 Sansom St, Philadelphia, 7pm

Tues, March 22, P.O.D. Reading Series, with Kristen Dombek, @ the Red Horse Cafe, 497 6th Ave, Brooklyn, 630pm

Thurs, March 24, “BARGE: Detouring the Everyday” – a talk/ performance/ workshop @ CUNY Grad Center, 365 Fifth Ave, Manhattan, 5-830pm

Fri, March 25, Multifarious Array, with Lonely Christopher, Astrid Lorange, and Steve Orth, @ Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, 6pm

Matta-Clark Parks in Portland

An installation by BARGE, part of the Happy Valley Project, “a poetic investigation of foreclosures, financial speculation, and the uneven distribution of shelter” organized by Kaia Sand. All this week at Field Works in PDX, along with an Econ-Salon on Dec 1…

The Treatment (bunker-huggin)

The assignment was to take “Body Pressure” to the ground. I was to press my body into the ground above the bunker, and imagine I’d fallen from the sky to land there, while the back of my body pressed up against me from the tomb beneath the ground. Body as dead-weight, bunker as grave; body-pressure as remediating intimacy with the burial grounds — two forms of death, projected inward and outward, the bunker a proscenium for war-theatrics, as well as a concrete shelter beneath the ground, a mausoleum in advance of itself. I leaned down, pressed in, and began the treatment…  (video-documentation here)