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Dana Teen Lomax, Disclosure, Black Radish, 2011, Saginaw #1, ed D. Horton, 2011, Ultra-Red, 2011 Annual Report, Model Homes #5, eds. MBuck & BFlis, 2011, Rob Halpern & Brian Whitener, “Occupy Art and Poetry,” Rethinking Marxism, 2012, The Paper Nautilus, eds. Rosa van Hensbergen & Laura Kilbride, 2011,  Sven Lütticken, “General Performance,” e-flux, 2012, Fredric Jameson, Archaeologies of the Future: the desire called utopia and other science fictions, Verso, 2005, Ursula le Guin, The Dispossessed, 1974, David Graeber, “On the Phenomenology of Giant Puppets: broken windows, imaginary jars of urine, and the cosmological role of the police in American culture,” 2007, Octavia Butler, Adulthood Rites, 1988, Ariana Raines, Cour de Lion, Fence, 2007/11, Patricia Milder, “Teaching as Art: the Contemporary Lecture-Performance,” PAJ, 2011,  You Nakai @ No Collective, Concertos, UDP, 2011, Tan Lin, Insomnia and the Aunt, Kenning, 2011, Cecilia Vicuña, Sabormi, Chainlinks, 1973/2011, Brent Cunningham, Journey to the Sun, Atelos, 2011, CA Conrad, Mugged into Poetry, Cannot Exist, 2011, The Mary Nardini Gang, Toward the Queerist Insurrecton, 2011, Stevphen Shukaitis & David Graeber, “Constituent Imagination,” 2007,  JG Ballard, Millenium People, 2011 Yván Yauri, Fire Wand, trans Marta del Pozo & Nicholas Rattner, UDP, 2011, Griselda Gambaro, Information for Foreigners, trans Marguerite Feitlowitz, Northwestern, 1987/92, Cannot Exist #7, ed Andy Gricevich, 2011

Plus Allan Sekula & Bruno Serralongue @ SFAI


Various Occupy pamphlets, esp The Fiery Flying Roule, Jacqueline Rose, “On Rosa Luxembourg,” LRB, 2011, Roberto Bolaño, The Third Reich, trans Natasha Wimmer, 2011, Octavia Butler, Dawn, 1987, Tom Stoppard, The Real Thing,  1982, Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues, “The Red Loaf,” trans. Edward Gauvin, World Without Borders, 2011, Jenny Turner, “As Many Pairs of Shoes as She Likes,” LRB, 2011, Paul Chan, “A Lawless Proposition,” e-flux, 2011, Mike Davis, “Spring Becomes Winter,” NLR 2011, Rudolph Wurlitzer, Flats, 1970, and Quake, 1972, Claire Tancons, “Occupy Wall Street: Carnival Against Capital?” e-flux, 2011, Grant Kester, “The Sound of Broken Glass: Spontaneity and Consciousness in Revolutionary Theory,” e-flux, 2011, Cecily Nicholson, Triage, Talonbooks, 2011, Jaimy Gordon, Shamp of the City-Solo, McPherson, 1974, William Fox, The Void, The Grid, & the Sign: Traversing the Great Basin, Utah, 2000, Hito Steyerl, “Art as Occupation: Claims for an Autonomy of Life,” e-flux 2011,  Lauren Shufran, Inter Arma, Trafficker, 2011, Mary Butts, Imaginary Letters, Talonbooks, 1928/1979, Monika Rinck, Sixteen Poems, trans Alistair Noon, Barque, 2009, Vahni Capildeo, No Traveller Returns, Salt, 2003,

Plus Mike Meyers & Yvette Molina @ Johansson Projects, Carolee Schneemann @ Ridgway, “Working Conditions” @ Southern Exposure, “The Experimental Impulse” @ RedCat, “Phenomenal: Light, Space, Surface in California Art” @ San Diego MCA, “State of Mind: New California Art circa 1970” @ Orange County Museum.



Grand Piano Collective, The Grand Piano, Vols 1-10, Mode A, 2006-10, Jules Boykoff, “Anti-Olympics,” NLR, 2011, Mei-Mei Berssenbruge, Nest, Kelsey St, 2003, Freedom TV Nyamubaya, On the Road Again, Zimbabwe Publishing House, 1986, Claire Bishop, “Zones of Indistinguishability: Collective Actions Group and Participatory Art” e-flux, 2011, William S Burroughs, Blade Runner, a movie, Blue Wind Press, 1986, Sara Wintz, Walking Across a Field we are Focused on in This Time, forthcoming UDP, 2012, Brian Droitcour, “Making Word: Ryan Trecartin as Poet,” Rhizome, 2011, Ryan Trecartin, USA K-CoreaINC.K (Section A), ubu, 2009, Octavia E Butler, Bloodchild, Four Walls, 1995, along with the first dozen issues of the Fiery Flying Roule…

Plus “Los Angeles Goes Live: Performance Art in Southern California 1970-83” @ LACE, “Asco: Elite of the Obscure” and Glenn Ligon @ LACMA, “Under the Big Black Sun: California Art 1974-81” @ MOCA, “Now Dig This! Art & Black Los Angeles, 1960-80,” Yoshua Okón, & Sara VanDerBeek @ the Hammer, Micol Hebron @ Jancar Gallery, Jung Hwa Lee @ Sabrina Lee Gallery, Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor @ Charlie James Gallery, Darin Klein & Friends @ Human Resources, Sam Falls and Matt MoravecM&B


Nancy Fraser, “Feminism, Capitalism, and the Cunning of History,” New Left Review, 2009, Zenon Fajfer, Liberature, or total literature: selected essays, and Ten Letters, both trans Katarzyna Bazarnik, Korporacja Ha!art, 2010, Rebecca Brown, Dogs: a modern bestiary, City Lights, 2001, Alfred Arteaga, Chicano Poetics: Heterotexts and Hybridities, Cambridge, 1997, cris cheek, “Reading and Writing: The Sites of Performance,” How2, 2009?, Dexter Gordon, “Humor in African-American Discourse: Speaking of Oppression,” Journal of Black Studies, 1998,  Pamela Zoline, Annika and the Wolves, Coffee House, 1985, Donna Haraway, When Species Meet, UMinnesota, 2008, Toni Morrison, Tar Baby, 1981, Bill Luoma, Some Math, Kenning, 2011, Judith Butler, “Bodies in Alliance and the Politics of the Street,” Sep 2011, Octavia Butler, “Bloodchild,” 1995, Jules Boykoff & Kaia Sand, “Landscapes of Dissent,” Palm Press, 2007, Ishmael Reed, Mumbo Jumbo, 1971, With+Stand #5, ed Dan Thomas-Glass, 2011, Rebecca Solnit, “Concrete in Paradise,” Boom, Summer 2011, Erik Doxtader, “Characters in the Middle of Public Life: Consensus, Dissent, and Ethos,” Philosophy and Rhetoric, 2000, Andrea Fraser, “Museum Highlights,” MIT, 2005, Guerrilla Girls, Art Museum Activity Book, Printed Matter, 2004, Various Occupation publications

Plus Jason Hanasik & David Gregory Wallace @ Krowswork, “Run Off” @ MacArthur B Arthur, “Better a Live Ass than a Dead Lion ” @ Ridgway, Casteneda/Reiman & “The Matter Within: New Contemporary Art from India” @ Yerba Buena Center


Roland Barthes, Elements of Semiology, trans Annette Lavers & Colin Smith, 1964, Simon Morley, Writing on the Wall: words and image in modern art, UCalifornia, 2003, Ursule Molinaro, Bastards: Footnotes to History, Treacle, 1979, and Thirteen, McPherson, 1989, Jiri Valoch & BP Nichol, eds, The Pipe: Recent Czech Concrete Poetry, 1973, reprint Ubu Editions, NH Pritchard, The Matrix, Doubleday, 1970, and Eecchhooeess, NYU, 1971,  Jaimy Gordon, Circumspections from an Equestrian Statue, Burning Deck, 1979, Patti Smith, Just Kids, Ecco, 2010, Susan Meiselas, Nicaragua, Aperature, 1981, Kay Rosen, lifeli[k]e, MOCA, 1998, Inger Christensen, The Painted Room, trans Denise Newman, Harvill, 1976/2000, Ferruccio Brugnaro, Fist of Sun, trans Jack Hirschman, Curbstone, 1998,  John Cheever, “The Swimmer,” 1964, Reinhard Lettau, Obstacles/Enter Manig, trans Ursule Molinaro, Random House, 1965, Bern Porter, Wastemaker, Abyss, 1962, Wolfgang Hildesheimer, Collected Stories, trans Joachim Nuegroschel, Ecco, 1987,  Against Expression: an anthology of conceptual writing, eds Dworkin & Goldsmith, Northwestern, 2011, Jean Francois Billeter, excerpts from The Chinese Art of Writing (1989), Seth Price, Décor Holes, Dispersion, 2005, Julie Perini, “Relational Filmmaking: a manifesto & its explication,” Afterimage, 2011, Griselda Pollock, “Opened, Closed, and Opening: reflections on feminist pedagogy in a UK university,” n.paradoxa, 2010, Peter Downsbrough, Position, 2003, and Hauptstrasse 27, 1998, Marie-Therese Campesme, Notes: Conversations with Peter Downsbrough, Facteur Humain, 2007, Kelly Dennis, “Gendered Ghosts in the Globalized Machine: Coco Fusco and Prema Murthy,” n.paradoxa, 2009, Elspeth Probyn, “Writing Shame,” in the Afftect Theory Reader, Duke, 2010, Mat Johnson, Pym, Spiegel & Grau, 2011, Laura Kipnis, “Marx: the Video: A Politics of Revolting Bodies,” video script, 1990, Ingeborg Bachmann, The Book of Franza & Requem for Fanny Goldmann, trans Peter Filkins, 1973/2010, The Vienna Group: 6 major Austrian Poets, trans Rosmarie Waldrop & Harriet Watts, Station Hill, 1985, Ursule Molinaro, Encores for a Dilettante, Fiction Collective, 1979, David Joselit, “Allegories of Criticism,” October 103, 2003,

Plus Kurt Schwitters, Desiree Holman, & “Create” @ Berkeley Art Museum, & Faustin Linyekula/Studios Kabako @ Yerba Buena Center


This, plus Andrew McCarron, Mysterium, Edgewise, 2011, Tennessee Williams, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, 1950, Alejandro Zambria, The Private Lives of Trees, trans. Megan McDowell, Open Letter, 2010, Camilla Jalving, “Inventing Reality: On truth and lies in the work of Hayley Newman,” in Performative Realism, eds Rune Gade & Anne Jerslev, 2005, Hayley Newman, Performancemania, Matt’s Gallery, 2001, P-Queue #8, eds Holly Melgard & Joey Yaerous-Algozin, 2011, Carolyn Rodgers, how i got ovah: new and selected poems, Anchor, 1975, Elouise Loftin, Barefoot Necklace, Jamima House, 1975, Holly Melgard, Foods for Baby/Shapes for Baby/Colors for Baby, troll thread, 2011, Jane Bowles, Two Serious Ladies, 1946, Raúl Homero Villa, Barrio Logos: Space and Place in Urban Chicano Literature and Culture, Texas, 2000, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, “Zidane’s Melancholy,” 2009, Luis Sepúlveda, The Shadow of What we Were, trans Howard Cutris, Europa, 2009, Erica Kaufman, Instant Classic, Least Weasal, 2011,

Plus Blinky Palermo @ Hessel Museum, Blinky Palermo & Franz Edhard Walther @ Dia Beacon


Josey Foo & Leah Stein, A Lily Lilies, Nightboat, 2011, Nathalie Sarraute, Tropisms, trans Maria Jolas, 1956/63, Horacio Castellanos Moya, The She-Devil in the Mirror, trans Katherine Silver, New Directions, 2000/09, Rudolph Wurlitzer, Slow Fade, 1985 (audio), Karl Holmqvist, THE K. PROTOCOL, Akiyoshidai International Art Village, 2003, Clarice Lispector, The Hour of the Star, trans Giovanni Pontiero, NDP, 1977/86, Frans de Waal, Primates and Philosophers, Princeton, 2006,  DeWayne Frazier Dickerson, I Say I Need Help, Radar Productions, 2011,  Hannah Weiner issue of Wild Orchids, eds Sean Reynolds & Robert Dewhurst, 2010, Joseph Lease, Testify, Coffee House, 2011, Cherríe Moraga, The Last Generation, West End, 1993, Brendan Lorber, ed, Lungull #19, 2011, Richard Brautigan, A Confederate General in Big Sur, 1964, Jack Kerouac, Big Sur, 1961, Alejandro Zambra, Bonsai, trans Carolina de Robertis, Melville House, 2008,  Hannah Arendt, “Truth and Politics,” 1968, TJ Clark & Donald Nicholson-Smith, “Why Art Can’t Kill the Situationist International,” October, 1997, subRosa, “Useless Gender: an immodest proposal for radical justice” & “Human Rights and Cyberfeminism,” in Yes Species, 2005, Cassie Smith, being when wendy, in MS, 2011, Donato Mancini, Buffet World, New Star, Vancouver, 2011, Edith Wharton, “Xingu,” 1916, NaoKo TakaHashi, Not So Too Much of Much of Everything, Book Works, London, 2007, Veena Cabreros-Sud, “Kicking Ass,” Eisa Davis, “Sexism and the Art of Feminist Hip-Hop,” & bell hooks, “Beauty Laid Bare: Aesthetics in the Ordinary,” in To Be Real, ed Rebecca Walker, Anchor, 1995, Jerry Bowles & Tony Russell, This Book is a Movie, Delta, 1971, Franck Kruk, Down You Go, or Négation de Brut, aprés Danielle Collobert, Punch Press, 2011

Plus: Miguel Gutierrez @ The Garage, Casteneda/Reiman @ Bear Ridgway, “Bramblur” @ Johansson Projects, “TEXTile” @ Creative Growth, “Bay Area Now 6” @ Yerba Buena Center, Cecilia Dougherty @ Right Window


Octavia Butler, Clay’s Ark, Warner, 1984, Latasha N. Nevada Diggs, ama agehya / nvno asgaya (a tale of strawberries), 2009,  Douglas Kearney, The Black Automaton, Fence, 2009, Rudolph Wurlitzer, Nog, 1969 (audio), Dawn Lundy Martin, Discipline, Nightboat, 2011, Josey Foo, Tomie’s Chair, Kaya, 2002, Ursula LeGuin, Birthday of the World 2003, Claire Becker, Zone of Contention: essays on art, institutions, gender, and anxiety, SUNY, 1996, Carolee Schneemann, Imaging her Erotics, MIT, 2003, Jen Benka, Pinko, Hanging Loose, 2011, Kaplan Harris, “The Small Press School of Dissimulation,” Jacket2, Mariarosa Dalla Costa & Selma James, “Women and the Subversion of Community,” Pétroleuses Press, 1971/2010, Karl Holmqvist, WHAT’S MY NAME?, Book Works, 2010,  Pamela Lee, “The Work of Art as Life,” in BioTechnique, ed P.Ross, 2007, Lamont B. Steptoe, American Morning/Mourning, Whirlwind, 1990, Monika Szewczyk, “Negation Notes,” e-flux, Feb 2010, Jerry Martien, “Out Looking for Lew: Bioregional poetics & the legacy of Lew Welch,” Big Bridge, 2011, Tonya Foster, Swarm of Bees in High Court, in MS, 2011, Horacio Castellanos Moya, La Díaspora, trans Christian Nagler, in MS, 1987/2011, Sophie Calle, A Survey, Fred Hoffman Gallery editions, 1989, Lyn Hejinian, Happily, Post-Apollo, 2000, Joan Jonas, Scripts and Descriptions, 1968-82, University Art Museum, 1983, Tatyana Tolstaya, The Slynx, trans Jamey Gambrell, Houghton Mifflin, 2003,  Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch, Ten Walks/Two Talks, Ugly Duckling, 2010

Plus: Iké Udé & Lydia Venieri @ Stefan Stux, Li Songsong @ Pace, Richard Tuttle @ Pace, Tatlin & Russian Constructivism @ Tony Shafrazi, Martin Kippenberger @ Luhring Augustine, Ali Smith & Suko Presseau @ Freight Volume, Jaume Plensa @Galerie Lelong, Salvatore Scarpitta & Ted Stamm @ Marianne Boesky, Julio Galán @ Ramis Barquet, “T_XT_RT” @ Jenkins Johnson NY, Song Dong & Euan Macdonald @ Yerba Buena Center


Ntozake Shange, SeeNoEvil, Momo’s, 1984, Toni Morrison, Sula, 1973 (audio), Roberto Bolaño, Monsuer Pain, trans Chris Andrews, NDP, 1999/2010, José Bianco, The Rats, trans Daniel Balderston, Latin American Literary Review Press, 1943/1983, Gaia Servadio, Salomé & Don GIovanni, trans LK Conrad, FSG, 1969, Yvonne Rainer, Feelings are Facts, MIT, 2007, Paul Bowles, Up Above the World , 19xx? (audio) Henry James, The Real Thing, 19??, Ana Longoni, “Photographs and Silhouettes: Visual Politics in the Human Rights Movement of Argentina,” Afterall, 2010, Martha Rosler, “Culture Class: Art, Creativity, Urbanism, Part III,” e-flux 25, 2011, Liz Kotz, Words to be Looked at: Language in 1960s Art, MIT, 2007, Jon Beasley-Murray, “The Intellectual and the State: Modernismo and Transculturation from Below,” draft MS, nd, The Taco Shop Poets, Chorizo Tonguefire, 2000, Abraham Lincoln #6, ed Kasey Mohammad, 2011, Jennifer Egan, A Visit from the Good Squad, 2010, Gertrude Stein, Selections, ed w/intro by Joan  Retallack, UCB, 2010, Opal Whiteley, The Singing Creek Where the WIllows Grow, ed Benjamin Hoff, 1920/86, Joyce Holland, The Final E: Selected Poems 1969-73, X Press, 1978, Mary Maclane, The Story of Mary Maclane, 1902, Mônica de la Torre, Public Domain, Roof, 2008, Fred Ho, “How Does Music Free Us? Jazz as Resistance to Commodification and the Embrace of the Eco-Logic Aesthetic,” C/N/S, 2011, Emily Witt, “That Room in Cambridge,” n+1, 2011, Erin Morrill, Pornologue, Neo-Baroque, 2011, Try, ed Brazil & Larsen, May 2011, Reversible Monuments: Contemporary Mexican Poetry, ed Mónica de la Torre & Michael Wiegers, Copper Canyon, 2002, Marriane Morris, Commitment, Bad Press/Critical Documents, 2011, MMorris/LRoberts/SRobinson/JStanley, Untitled Colossal Parlour Odes, Bad Press,  2011.

Plus: “Gertrude Stein: Five Stories” and “Charlotte Salomon: Life? or Theater?” @ Contemporary Jewish Museum, Christian Maychack @ Gregory Lind, Doug Rickard @ Wirtz, “Procedural” @ MacArthur B Arthur


Sean Bonney, Documents, Barque, 2009, Joshua Castell, Letters from Abu Ghraib, Essay Press, 2008, Roberto Schwarz, “In the Land of Elefante,” trans. John Gledson, NLR, 2003, Gabriela Jauregui, Controlled Decay, Black Goat, 2008, Karen Tei Yamashita, Through the Arc of the Rainforest, Coffee House, 1993 (audio), Nella Larsen, Passing, 1923, Raymond Patterson, 26 Ways of Looking at a Blackman, Award Books, 1969, Boris Groys, “Marx after Duchamp, or the Artist’s two bodies”, and “Art and Money,” e-flux, 2010/11, Franco Berardi, “Cognitarian Subjectivation,” e-flux, 2010, Kathy Acker, Rip-Off Red, Girl Detective, Grove, 2002 (1973), Pierre Guyotat, Coma, trans Noura Wedell, Semiotext(e), 2010/06, Marion von Osten, “Another Criteria… or, What is the Attitude of a work in the relations of production of its time?” Afterall, 2010, Valentine de Saint-Point, “Manifesto of Futurist Woman,” 1912, Dodie Bellamy, The Buddhist, Publication Studio, 2011,  Try, ed Brazil/Larsen, April 2011, Ariel Goldberg, The Photographer Without a Camera, Trafficker, 2011, Karen Brodine, Illegal Assembly, Hanging Loose, 1980.

Plus Trevor Paglen @ Altman Siegal, Sol LeWitt @ Frankel, Katherine Van Dyke at Steven Wirtz, Nayland Blake @ Paula Anglim,  “Liminal Takes –Mujeres Latinoamericanas en el Arte” curated by Frida Cano, Mission Cultural Center, “On the Ground,” curated by Weston Teruya, Southern Exposure, Hasan Elahi @ Intersection for the Arts.