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Plus: Ala Eketbar & Nayland Blake @ Paule Anglim, Idris Khan @ Fraenkel, Liam Everett @ Altman Siegel, & Rogelio Manzo @ Jack Fischer

KUSF in Exile’s Roll Call now online

Roll Call: Bay Area Arts and Culture, Saturday, 2-4pm
Dj Margaret

Saturday 23 June, 2012



High Tide this Morning: Chris Kraus & Robert Dewhurst
ICA Soundworks 2012: 100 New soundworks evoked in Bruce Nauman’s seminal work “Days” (

Telephone Piece: Yoko Ono, Fly
Yoko Ono (voice message to KIKI Gallery San Francisco): The Proof Is in the Pudding
Karu Karu: Anna Homler/Ethan James, D0 Ya Sa’ Di Do–A Sonic Geography
Panic of Looking: Brian Eno
I Hate the War: The Ballet, Gay Secret
Einstein On The Beach: Phillip Glass / Lucinda Childs (voice)
Comme A La Radio: Brigitte Fontaine

BLACK BOX THEATER UNITED FLIGHT 93: David Buuck, a group reading of the 9/11 document on the 10th anniversary September 2011

This Mess We’re In: PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke

Calmaplombprombombbalmdotcom: Tom Comitta   How to pronounce the name of this site?

Am I: Lady June’s Linguistic Leprosy
Touch-Downer: Lady June’s Linguistic Leprosy


Dj Margaret is joined in conversation with writers DAVID BUUCK, TOM COMITTA, and dancemaker ABBY CRAIN on their current projects and practice.


RIP Stacy Doris, 1962-2012

an excerpt from The Cake Part, for my dear friend Stacy.

New printing of THE SHUNT derailed (literally)

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Surround Sounds

Occupy Oakland Raid, 4:14 am Tues 10/25, Oscar Grant Plaza. Some sleepers still getting rousted from tents and arrested before tents destroyed. This is about 30 seconds before riot cop in front of me dropped his/her gun at me feet.


Art Workouts presents….. 

Experiments with Language in the Physical World

Mondays, February 21 – April 18 @ Kunst-Stoff Arts (929 Market St., San Francisco)


WORDS AND DEEDS is a workshop series crafted to explore how live art is informed by language, and how language is rooted in physicality and movement. WORDS AND DEEDS will consist of 7 Monday night workshops led by different artists whose work illuminates this intersection. To enrich the series, there will be a study group and final dinner + discussion. Come to all the events or join in when you can. We invite a core group to fully attend.

Featuring workshops with:
David Buuck + Jessica Tully- February 21
Petra Kuppers + Neil Marcus- February 28
Sarah Shelton Mann- March 7
Margit Galanter- March 21
Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe- March 28
Nita Little- April 4
Violet Juno- April 11

Monday nights February 21 – April 11, 6:30 – 9pm (no class 3/14)
Sunday, March 6, 5-7 pm- Study group (location TBA)
Monday night, April 18- Final discussion and potluck dinner 

Register by 2/14 for best prices!

$110 for the series (seven classes + final discussion)

$18 single class
$16 per class with two or more classes pre-registered

Please contact for any further information, with any questions, or if you would like to register.

For more information go here
or to facebook.

ART WORKOUTS  is an ongoing dialogue/experiment between Margit Galanter, Abby Crain, and whatever and whoever crosses our path. We engage with the world around us for artistic revelation and inspiration, culling what seems relevant, problematic, brilliant. We are primarily movers so the work comes through the body, performance, ideas, and that mysterious assemblage, presence. We periodically arrange workshops so that we can meet and explore with groups of people. This is when the work starts to really hum. Margit Galanter is a movement investigator and dance poet living in Oakland. Her fascination with the construction and value of movement has drawn her to embodied research and performance for decades. Abby Crain enjoys art that is awkward, difficult, and transformative. She teaches frequently, and creates solo and collaborative performance experiments when the mood seizes her.  Past credits include dancing with Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People (NY), David Dorfman Dance (NY), and Bay Area luminaries Sarah Shelton Mann and Kneejerk Dance Project.


The Treatment (“Walking”)

The assignment was to take a walk, during an episode of severe lower back pain, listening in one ear to an audio recording of Thoreau’s lecture “Walking,” while repeating each word aloud. I stuck the earbud in my ear, attempted to stretch my back and stand fully erect, and set out for my treatment… (video here)