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INDEX @ Under Under

“Index” for Under Under
at Konsthall C in Stockholm, Sweden
by David Buuck and Juliana Spahr
images by Mikael Lundberg

wall text:
One thousand, nine hundred and ten. Twelve thousand, seven hundred and ninety three. Five. Five hundred. Three hundred and forty thousand. One hundred thousand. Six eight thousand. Four point seven percent. One point two percent. Three point eight percent. Three thousand one hundred and forty. Thirty one thousand. Fifty nine thousand. Six billion, eight hundred and eleven million. Seven hundred and eleven billion, four hundred and twenty one million. Eight hundred and seventy eight million.

Participants wrote the numbers by jumping up as high as they could. And they wrote them as large as they could. Attention was paid to the jump, not the writing. They did not erase or edit. It was okay if the numbers overlapped. And they didn’t have to go from left to right. They wrote the numbers in whatever medium they desired. Sharpee was fine. Charcoal was fine. Ideally the writing instrument produced black marks. As many people as desired were used. And these people did this either before or at the opening. The point here was not legibility but difficulty. Yet the piece was not just the jumping, it was also the results. What was created was a collection of number-referencing abstract marks.

"Index" for Under Under by David Buuck and Juliana Spahr

"Index" for Under Under by David Buuck and Juliana Spahr
Underneath the text the following videos looped:
Call Me Maybe Cover – Kunar, Afghanistan – US Army Soldiers 
SABATON – In the army now (Afghanistan War) 
Images of US Soldiers With Afghan Corpses (Graphic NSFW) 
Tribute To The Swedish Soldiers In Afghanistan 
U.S. Army Sniper Engages Enemy Forces In Afghanistan 
Spectacular Footage of Taliban Attacking US Military Base, Afghanistan. 
Swedish soldiers VS Talibans in Afghanistan 
US military, CIA out of control in Afghanistan 
Swedish forces fighting the Talibans in Afghanistan 2011 
US Troops Burning Afghan Taliban Corpses 
Swedish Army Elite – The One And Only 
Gimme Shelter in Iraq and Afghanistan 


Bruce Value

for the Bruce Andrews Symposium

Bruce Value

Detroit Events: Sep 21/22

9/21 – reading & talk with Wendy Kramer: 319 Garland Street, Ypsilanti, 730pm

9/22 – performance and forum @ Imaging Detroit, Perrien Park, Detroit, all day/eve.


with David Buuck, Sarah Fontaine, and Christian Nagler

Saturday, July 14

2:00 – 4:00 PM


In conjunction with the SoEx Off-Site Graue Award Project by Jenny Chapman & Mark A. Reigelman II, local artists David Buuck, Sarah Fontaine, and Christian Nagler create a walking exploration of Manifest Destiny’s legacy in San Francisco. Chapman and Reigelman’s rustic cabin installation, Manifest Destiny!, is affixed to the side of the Hotel des Arts, occupying one of the last remaining unclaimed spaces of downtown San Francisco. Buuck, Fontaine, and Nagler investigate San Francisco as a contemporary site of westward movement and displacement–a complex migratory hub of people, information, resources, and commodities. We will gather at the site of the cabin and tour the neighborhood, discussing the various historic and contemporary narratives of westward expansion and American romanticism.

Sarah Fontaine leads a neighborhood walk contemplating the mutability of landscape based on the contemporary and historic influx of populations to California and the underground terrain of the comings and goings of our natural and unnatural resources. Her walk will leave from the Hotel Des Arts at approximately 2:20.

David Buuck writes and performs experimental texts that create a loop between the past and future. He will perform a new text-collage exploring the history of real estate development and land speculation. His performance will begin at 3:00.

Directly across Bush street from the Manifest Destiny! cabin lies the historic AT&T building—former home of the California Theater which was built in 1869 with money from silver mining. Christian Nagler will choreograph a “flocking score”for the group to enact in response to this history. The performative walk begins at 3:30 at the historic AT&T building.


choreographed by Abby Crain & featuring Crain, David Buuck, & Mara Poliak.

part of the Verge Festival @ the Garage, 715 Bryant St, SF, July 11 & 12, 8pm

more info here

Two performances/videos @ Bath House

Converted Storefront” (Oakland, 2010) & “Not Necessarily Against Expression” (NYC, 2011) @ BH Journal. thanks to editor Joe Sacksteder & the BH crew—

Violence & Community @ Naropa next week

I have 3 gigs next Tues & Wed as part of the inaugural Jack Kerouac Symposium on Violence and Community, curated by Bhanu Kapil & Michelle Naka Pierce:

Tues 5/1 – 12-3pm – durational performance @ Naropa College, Sycamore Rm. 8150

Tues 5/1 – 7 pm – group reading with Gabrielle Civil, Kate Zambreno, & Melissa Buzzeo

Wed 5/2 – Noon – panel on art & violence. Naropa Performing Arts Center.