Events and Readings, Summer/Fall 2015

July 30 — Journal of Aesthetics and Protest release party, La Commune Cafe & Bookstore, North Oakland, with Cassie Thornton, Olive McKeon, & Irina Contreras. 7-9pm. /

Aug 8 — Versal @ Mixtree, Amsterdam. 5pm.

Aug 13 — Berlin, details TBA.

Sep 11 — Los Angeles: Tripwire #9 release event, with CAConrad, Jen Hofer, Marianne Morris, Nancy Popp, Diane Ward, Sholeh Wolpe, & Gelare Khoshgozaran, CIELO Gallery, South Central.

Sep 18 — SUNY-Buffalo, 7pm, details TBA

Sep 19 —  SITE CITE CITY NYC release, Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, with Monica de la Torre & Diana Hamilton.

Sep 25 — SITE CITE CITY Bay Area release, Alley Cat Books, San Francisco, with Sophia Kim & Kevin Killian, 7pm

Oct 22 — Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, 4pm, reading and Q&A with Tonya Foster

Oct 28 — Santa Cruz, details TBA, w Jared Stanley, Angel Rodriquez, & Gaby

Nov 15— Howard Zinn Book Fair: Adjunct Action | Poets in Action, w Jessica Beard, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, David Buuck, Stephanie Young, panel co-chaired by Jessica Lawless (SEIU) and Sheila Tully (CFA)
City College of San Francisco, 1:45–2:45 pm in the Tillie Olsen Room, free

Dec 2 — City Lights, San Francisco, with Dodie Bellamy

Tripwire 9: Transnational/Translational now available


featuring work from Don Mee Choi, Harry Gilonis & Ch’iu Chin, Mette Moestrup (trans. Mark Kline), Jessica Tang, Juan Ortiz-Apuy, Ida Borjel (trans. Linda Rugg), Jules Boykoff, Divya Victor, Sean Bonney, Charlene Tan, Jen Hofer & Virginia Lucas, Arash Allahverdi (trans. Alireza Taheri Araghi), Hugo García Manríquez, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Ali Dadgar, Gelare Khoshgozaran, Lasana M. Sekou, Miyó Vestrini (trans. the New Order of St. Agatha), Forugh Farrokhzad (trans. Sholeh Wolpé), Joaquim de Sousândrade (trans. Odile Cisneros), Oswald de Andrade(trans. Stella M. de Sá Rego), Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo (trans. Robert Ziller), Shahrnush Parsipur (trans. Steve MacDowell & Afshin Nassiri), Habib Tengour (trans. Pierre Joris), Víctor Valera Mora (trans. Guillermo Parra & Anne Boyer), Clemente Soto Velez (trans. Martín Espada & Camilo Perez-Bustillo), Cam Scott on Annharte, Sarah Dowling on Rachel Zolf, Zoe Tuck on Trish Salah, Susan Briante on Muriel Rukeyser, & more. 260 pages. $12.

order from Small Press Distribution or direct at

SITE CITE CITY now available from Futurepoem books


selected prose works, 1999-2012. futuepoem, 2015.

David Buuck works at the axis of performative and civic aims to make a narrative that is clarified the more it breaks down, as much through desire as by violent or revolutionary means.      — Bhanu Kapil

In David Buuck’s Site Cite City, the detective novel meets the essay meeting the poem in prose, which, somewhere along the way, has already bisected machine language and passed through the byways of psychogeography, making for a text as mysterious and entertaining as it is activist and knowledgeable. An invaluable contribution to everything.             — Renee Gladman

“Read this book and witness our totalizing Weltanschauung, where ideology is worldview—or is it the other way around?”    —Mónica de la Torre

Available from Small Press Distribution or futurepoem

Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Release Event : Oakland : July 30

Please join us to celebrate the release of “Tectonic Disobedience”, issue #9 of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest (
Come for readings and presentations from JoAAP contributors Cassie Thornton, Olive McKeon, Irina Contreras, and David Buuck. Copies of the new issue will be available, along with other materials from JoAAP and contributors.
Thursday, July 30, 7pm. 
La Commune Cafe & Bookstore
part of the Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland

Tripwire 8


Tripwire 8 * CITIES * featuring essays, poems, cross-genre texts, art, @ archival work by Anne Boyer, Cecily Nicholson, Marie Buck, DH, Amy Balkin, Kaia Sand & Daniela Molnar, Ryan Eckes, Kim Hyesoon, Zarina, Scott Sørli, Michael Woods, Lucky Pierre, Grupo de Arte Callejero (trans. MR translation collective), Jonas Staal & Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei, Emma Cocker, Nancy Popp, Gonzalo Millan (trans. Annegret Nill), Dambudzo Marechera, Lucy Parsons, and a special feature from Oakland, featuring Oki Sogumi, Jill Richards, Lara Durback, Wendy Trevino, Joshua Clover, Mayakov+sky Platform, Jasper Bernes, Emji Spero, Kate Robinson, and more…

Discounted copies of THE SHUNT, now back in print


The new printing came back with the last three pages mussed up, so am offering copies for $8 (shipping included), along with a personalized errata slip. Contact me at dbuuck @ mindspring dot com or paypal me directly at that email.

Blurbs & Reviews:

The Shunt provocatively explores one of our most ordinary experiences of social discomfort—embarrassment for the flailing comedian and his all too visible affective labor—in a strikingly intelligent and utterly heartbreaking way. For all its acerbic tonality, The Shunt’s affective agenda is thus the exact opposite of ironic cynicism, which is one of this brilliantly discomforting book’s most delightful surprises.

— Sianne Ngai

With its stutters, fractures, puns, sarcasms, and ironies, The Shunt is part of a cluster of books recently written by US poets attempting to understand what it means to live in a country that is constantly bombing other countries. But with its relentless attention to the group psychosis that this state of siege induces in US citizens, The Shunt is also something sui generis. This is your brain on war.

— Juliana Spahr

Stuttering, hemming, hawing, failing, flailing, and flopping, the comedian tries to coerce the narrative ideology of wartime into a punch line, but the punch is always awready pre-packed by Big Brother’s Big Other. As Beckett almost observed, nothing is funnier (or sadder, depending on your tolerance for correct allegorical apprehension of permanent crisis) than someone trying repeatedly to slip on a flipping banana peel and getting shut down every time. The Shunt puts the “tic Alpo” back in “political poetry.” — K. Silem Mohammad 

 Review by Stan Apps at Jacket2

Review by Craig Santos Perez



a performance-installation by Abby Crain & David Buuck

with Tom Comitta, Lara Durback, Olive McKeon, & Sophia Wang

music by Samuel Hertz

Sundays March 23 & March 30

5-8 pm (come and go anytime between 445-730)

at the Milk Bar

851C 81st Ave @ San Leandro, Oakland  / Directions

TRAMMEL is a durational performance which explores the work of real-time documentation of live movement as it unfolds over time. The work comes out of an ongoing collaboration between dancer/choreographer Abby Crain and writer/performer David Buuck, its current manifestation engaged with the architecture and “rehearsal aesthetics” of their Milk Bar Projects Room residency. You are invited to arrive at the Milk Bar Project Room anytime during the performance, as it will be unfolding and accreting over three hours each Sunday.

“So Much Depends” @ Floor

new work from We Do the Polis @ Floor ….

*An Army of Lovers* now available

An Army of Lovers, by Juliana Spahr & David Buuck, is now out from City Lights


upcoming readings:

10/3-5 @ the Poetry and/or Revolution Conference, Santa Cruz/Davis/Berkeley

10/10 @ City Lights Bookstore, 7pm

10/15 @ Radar/Litquake, San Francisco Public Library, 6pm

10/18 @ General Idea, Philadelphia, 7pm

10/20 @ DC Arts Center, Washington, DC, 3pm

Beyond Oakland: Politics & Poetics: Aug. 10-11

Beyond Oakland
featuring Cecily Nicholson (Vancouver), Anne Boyer (Kansas City), Marie Buck (Detroit), and Michael Nardone (Montreal).

Not simply a conference, or a celebration of community, or a presumed politics, or the proper poetry, but a collective investigation of how poets have moved with and through the various militant actions of the last few years in places outside of Oakland. So an attempt to forge new solidarities across different cities, nations, and poetic & political a
practices. What has worked in these other locations? What can we learn from each other as militant activists, cultural workers, poets? What sort of writing might yet be written?

August 10 @ 1 @ Public School, 2141 Broadway, Oakland
This venue is accessible.

August 10 @ 7 @ David Buuck’s, Oakland
readings; byob please
This venue has a flight of stairs.

August 11 @ 1 @ 2127 Blake Street
discussions with food
This venue has a half flight of stairs.

There are links to related readings and videos for suggested perusing, as well as more info, at:

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