New work in Brooklyn Rail

from We Do the Polis in Different Voices, July-Aug 2013 issue just out — 

Recent Audio & Video

From the Poetry & Revolution Conference, Birbeck College, London, May 2012:

“Radio Poetry Birbeck” w Mark Nowak & Joan Retallack, hosted by Will Rowe & Stephen Mooney

“We Are All Sound: Poetics & Public Space in Occupy Oakland” (panel paper)


excerpts from “So Much Depends” @ Oscar Grant Plaza, Oakland, June 2013

Abby Crain/LOOK, “What we are doing when we remember what we are doing” @ Kunst-toff Arts, SF, Jan 2013 

Abby Crain/LOOK, “This is nothing new. These are some things we are chewing on, and this time you can watch” @ the Garage, SF, Dec 2011

Upcoming gigs

Thurs 4/11: reading w Juliana Spahr, Joshua Clover, & Marianne Morris. People’s Coop Books, Vancouver, 730pm

Fri 4/12: Talks/readings/discussion on poetry and activism, w Juliana Spahr, Joshua Clover, & Brian Ang, @ SFU Barnaby Campus, Bennett Library, 12pm

Fri 4/19: reading w Frank Sherlock, Poetry Project, NY, 10pm

The Simulators @ Artbound

29 Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

29 Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

an excerpt from a novel in progress…

thanks to Hillary Mushkin for the solicitation–

A Neural Net

downloadable here 

Collectively assembled by Rachel Levitsky & Ira Livingston (OoRS), Jen Hofer (ANTENA), Jen Scappettone, Kathy Westwater, & Seung-Jae Lee (PARK), and myself (BARGE)

for the Ecopoetics Conference panel “Ground Scores: Unburying Ecologies Through Embodied Practice”


New publications


“Push” – a performance text by myself & Abby Crain, in the new Itch #15

& “17 Reasons Why” in Mission 17, 2004-2009, ed Clark Buckner & Laura Mott

On Performance & Writing @ Jacket2

Blogging at Jacket2 for the next few months …

Updated Pennsound page

new & old work, including video, here

thanks to Michael Hennessey for putting it together—

Fresh Festival 2013

I’m dancing with Abby Crain/LOOK next Saturday night as part of a showing of new/work-in-progress, on a bill with the amazing Scott Wells & Jess Curtis. All part of La Alternativa’s Fresh Festival. (plus a ‘sound session/closing party’ after the show!)

details at (scroll down for performances)

Sat 1/12, 830 pm / $15
KUNST-STOFF arts | 1 Grove Street | SF


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