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Beyond Oakland: Politics & Poetics: Aug. 10-11

Beyond Oakland
featuring Cecily Nicholson (Vancouver), Anne Boyer (Kansas City), Marie Buck (Detroit), and Michael Nardone (Montreal).

Not simply a conference, or a celebration of community, or a presumed politics, or the proper poetry, but a collective investigation of how poets have moved with and through the various militant actions of the last few years in places outside of Oakland. So an attempt to forge new solidarities across different cities, nations, and poetic & political a
practices. What has worked in these other locations? What can we learn from each other as militant activists, cultural workers, poets? What sort of writing might yet be written?

August 10 @ 1 @ Public School, 2141 Broadway, Oakland
This venue is accessible.

August 10 @ 7 @ David Buuck’s, Oakland
readings; byob please
This venue has a flight of stairs.

August 11 @ 1 @ 2127 Blake Street
discussions with food
This venue has a half flight of stairs.

There are links to related readings and videos for suggested perusing, as well as more info, at:


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