SITE CITE CITY now available from Futurepoem books


selected prose works, 1999-2012. futuepoem, 2015.

David Buuck works at the axis of performative and civic aims to make a narrative that is clarified the more it breaks down, as much through desire as by violent or revolutionary means.      — Bhanu Kapil

In David Buuck’s Site Cite City, the detective novel meets the essay meeting the poem in prose, which, somewhere along the way, has already bisected machine language and passed through the byways of psychogeography, making for a text as mysterious and entertaining as it is activist and knowledgeable. An invaluable contribution to everything.             — Renee Gladman

“Read this book and witness our totalizing Weltanschauung, where ideology is worldview—or is it the other way around?”    —Mónica de la Torre

Available from Small Press Distribution or futurepoem

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