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Feliz Lucia Molina, A Letter to Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things, nd, Ya-Wen Ho, last edited [insert time here], tinfish, 2012, Juan Pablo Villalobos, Down the Rabbit Hole, trans Rosalind Harvey, FSG, 2010/11, Juliana Spahr, Dynamic Positioning, Belladonna, 2012, Eva Sjödin, Inner China, trans Jennifer Hauashida, Litmus, 2002/5, Hu Fang, New Species of Spaces, e-flux, 2009, Roberto Bolaño, Woes of the True Policeman,  Keston Sutherland, The Rictus Flag, Object Permanence, 2002, Anthony Barnett, North North I Said No Wait a Minute South Oh I Don’t Know (148 Political Poems), Allardyce, 1982, Lisa Robertson, The Men, BookThug, 2006, Joyelle McSweeney, Flet, Fence, 2007, Irit Rogoff, “We—Collectivities, Mutualities, Participants,” n.d., Martin Kippenberger (sic), The Happy End of the Happy End of Kafka’s America, NaNoWriNiMo, 2012, Rebecca Schneider, Performing Remains: Art and War in Times of Theatrical Reencactment, Routledge, 2011, Lindsey Boldt, Overboard, Publication Studio, 2012, Justin Katko, Death of Pringle, Film Forum, 2012,  Robert Ashley, Quicksand, Burning Books, 2011, Anne Carson, Antigonick, NDP, 2012, Laura Schultz, “Missing Link: Gertrude Stein & Postdramatic Theater,” nd, Shiv Kotecha, Paint the Rock, Troll Thread, 2011, Nicole Brossard, Mauve Desert, trans Susanne de Lotbiniere-Harwood, 1987, Giannina Braschi, Empire of Dreams, trans Tess O’Dwyer, 1988/94,  The LA Telephone Book, ed BKS?, 2012, Eduardo Halfoun, The Polish Boxer, multiple trans, 2011, Kenzaburo Oë, A Personal Matter, trans John Nathan, 1965, Yvonne Rainer, Poems, Badlands, 2012, Herman Melville, Benito Cerano, 1855, Barrett Watten, Bad History, Atelos, 1998, Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale, 1985, Siarite Kouka, The Swing, trans Susan Gevirtz et al, 2011, and Dandelion #37.3, eds Kevin Eckhoff & Jake Kennedy, 2012


Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses, 1988, Miranda Mellis, The Spokes, Solid Objects, 2012, Ryan Standfest, Ardent Boner #1: Ethno-Fetishiste, Rotland Press, 2012, Megan Sword & Timpani Skullface, Superior City Song, Critical Documents, 2012, Stephen Collis, The Commons, Talonbooks, 2008, Juan Rulfo, Pedro Páramo, trans Margaret Peden, Grove, 1955/94, Barbara Baracks, No Sleep, Tuumba, 1977, Laurie Anderson, Words in Reverse, Top Stories, 1982, Georges Perec, At Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris, trans Marc Lowenthal, Wakefield Press, 1975/2010, Maria Irene Fones, Fefu and Her Friends, PAJ, 1980, Allison Bechdel, Are You My Mother, 2012, Laura Oldfield Ford, Heathrow: the Psychogeography of Paranoia, Savage Messiah #9, 2008, Susan Parenti, “Touchy” and “The Poet Retracts,” 2000, Diana Hamilton, Okay, Okay, Truck, 2012, Frances Kruk, Sean Bonney, Harriet Tarlo, Marianne Morris, untitled chapbooks, Pilot, 2007, Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse, 1928, Kate Durbin, E! Entertainment, Insert Press, 2011, Machado de Assis, The Alienist, trans William Grossman, 1881/2011, Roberto Bolaño, Amulet, trans Chris Andrews, NDP, 1999/2006, Laura Kipnis, “Ecstasy Unlimited: The Interpenetrations of Sex and Capital,” 1985, Claire Fontaine, “Giving Shape to Painful Things,” Radical Philosophy, 2012, Melody Sumner, The Time is Now, Burning Books, 1983

plus Cindy Sherman & “Stage Presence” @ SFMOMA


Claire BIshop, Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship, Verso, 2012, Dario Fo, Abducting Diana, adapt. Stephen Stenning, Oberon, 1986/94, We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay, trans. Ron Jenkins, 1974/2000, & About Face, trans Ron Jenkins, 1980/89, CA Conrad, “Suffering Makes 2” & “Translucent Salamander,” MS, 2012, Don Delillo, The Angel Esmerelda, 2011, Claire Tancons, “Carnival to Commons: Pussy Riot Punk Protest and the Exercise of Democratic Culture,” e-flux, 2012, Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn, Half the Sky: turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide, Vintage, 2009,  Paul Greenglass, United 93: the shooting script, Newmarket Press, 2006, Four From Japan, trans Sawako Nakayasu, et al, Litmus/Belladonna, 2006, Thom Donovan, The Hole, Displaced, 2012, P-Queue #9, eds H.Melgard & J.Yearouos-Algozin, 2012, Maria Irene Fornes, Tango Palace, 1963, Manuel Maples Acre, City: Bolshevik Super-Poem in 5 Cantos, trans Brandon Jolmquest, UDP, 1924/2010, Lara Durback, Projectiles, NoNo, 2012,Marie Buck, Amazing Weapons, Scary Topiary, 2011, Maria LaPalma, Facial Index, State One, 1983, Esi Edugyan, Half-Blood Blues, 2011, Olivier Lellouche, A Tools Index, De Stihl Camp, 2011, Peter Linebaugh, Ypsilanti Vampire May Day, Occupy Ypsilanti, 2012, Sachiko Murakami, The Invisibility Exhibit, Talonbooks, 2008, Reg Johanson, Courage, My Love, LineBooks, 2006, Susan Parenti, The Politics of the Adjective “Political” and other plays, 2000,

Plus Barry McGee @ BAM & “Vision in a Cornfield” @ MOCAD


Bhanu Kapil, Schizophrene, Nightboat, 2011, Fred Moten, “Black Optimism/Black Operation,” 2007, Gillian Rose, Love’s Work, 1995, Elizabeth Hand, Generation Loss, 2008, Alicia Partnoy, The Little School, trans Julia Alvarez, 1986/98, Thani Al-Suwaidi, The Diesel, trans William Hutchens, Anitbookclub, 1994/2012, Robert C Morgan, “Thoughts on Re-Performance, Experience, and Archivism,” PAJ 96, 2010, Kirsten Kaschock, Sleight, Coffee House, 2011, Jean-Christophe Valtat, 03, trans Mitzi Angel, FSG, 2005/10, Jasper Bernes, We are Nothing and So Can You, Tenured Ninja, 2012, Doreen Massey, “Politics and Space/Time”, NLR, 1992, Karen Lepri, Fig 1, Horseless Press, 2012, Phaswane Mpe, Welcome to our Hillbrow, Ohio, 2001/11, and this

Plus Anne McGuire @ SFMOMA, Yayoi Kusama & Sharon Hayes @ the Whitney, Alighiero Boetti, Taryn Simon, & “A Heap of Language” @ MOMA, Liam Gillick and “Anti-Establishment” @ the Hessel


Bertolt Brecht, Mr Puntila & His Man Matti, 1940/ 2004, Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game, 1985, Kristen Gallagher, We Are Here, Truck, 2011, Philip Auslander, “The Performativity of Performance Documentation,” PAJ, 2006, Dorothy West, The Wedding, 1995, Amelia Jones, “Presence in absentia: experiencing performance as documentation,” Art Journal, 1997, TJ Clark, “For a Left with no Future,” NLR, 2012, Ronald Paulson, The Art of Riot in England and America, Owlworks, 2010, Gary Brechin, Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin, UC, 1999, John McPhee, Assembling California, FSG, 1993, Marco Deseriis & Jodi Dean, “A Movement Without Demands?” Possible Futures, 2012, Stephen Wright, Meditations in Green, 1983, Roberto Schwarz, “Political Iridescence: The Changing Hues of Caetano Veloso,” NLR, 2012, Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism, Zero Books, 2009, Peter Schumann, 27 Dirt-Cheap Money Dances, Bread & Puppet, 2009, Kim Hyesoon, All the Garbage of the World, Unite, trans Don Mee Choi, Action Books, 2011, Joanne Kyger, As Ever: Selected Poems, Penguin, 2002, “Poetry During OWS,” ed Thom Donovan, Rethinking Marxism, 2012, Itch #14, The Breaks, eds Hoffmann/Paggett/Wolf/Wolfe, 2012, Langston Hughes, The Big Sea, 1939

Plus “Occupy Bay Area” & David Shrigley @ YBCA


Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook, 1962, Brandon Brown, The Persians by Aeschylus, Displaced Press, 2011, Maria Fusco, The Mechanical Cupola, Sternberg Press, 2010, Corina Copp, Pro Magenta/Be Met, UDP, 2011, Robert Fitterman, Holocaust Museum, Veer Books, 2011, Auto Italia, We Have Our Own Concept of Time and Motion, 2011, Jonathan Skinner, Birds of Tifft, BlazeVOX, 2011, Amy De’Ath, Caribou, Bad Press, 2011, Arevalo/Park/Saltarelli/Scepanski, eds., Creative Destruction, Whitney Museum, 2012, Saginaw #2, ed D.H.Horton, Jerzy Pilch, A Thousand Peaceful Cities, trans David Frick, Open Letter, 2009, Where Eagles Dare #1, Steve Orth, ed, 2012, Jean Rhys, Quartet, 1929, Maria Damon, “Micropoetries as Po(e)tential Kindling for Greater Revolution,” draft, 2012, Silvia Federici, “Feminism And the Politics of the Commons,” 2010, Divya Victor, Goodbye, John!, Gauss, 2012, Trisha Low, Confessions [of a variety], Gauss, 2010, Kazuko Shiraishi, Seasons of Sacred Lust, trans various, NDP, 1976/78, Irving Stettner, On the 2nd Avenue Patrol: selected poems, Home Planet, 1976, Adam Phillips, “The Master-Mind Lectures,” 2002, W.G. Sebald, “The Remorse of the Heart: on memory and cruelty in the work of Peter Weiss,” trans Anthea Bell, 1999/2003, Aase Berg, Transfer Fat, trans Johannes Göransson, UDP, 2002/12, André Lepecki, “As if Dance Were Visible,” Performance Research., 1997, Joan Didion, Play it as it Lays, 1970, Armed Cell #2 & #3, ed Brian Ang, 2012, Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking, 2005, Iain Sinclair, Slow Chocolate Autopsy, Phoenix, 1997, Shannon Jackson, Social Works: Performing Art, Supporting Publics, Routledge, 2011, Inger Christensen, Azorno, trans Denise Newman, NDP, 1967/2009,

Plus Adi Nes & Shimon Attie @ Jack Shainman Gallery, Nicole Eisenmann & Christopher Astley @ Leo Koenig, “Creative Destruction” @ The Kitchen, Thomas Demand @ Matthew Marks, Martin Kippenberger @ Carolina Nitsch, Tauba Auerbach & Sherrie Levine @ Paula Cooper, Anish Kapoor @ Gladstone, Tonico Lemos Auad @ CRG, Mark Bradford @ SFMOMA, “Streetopia” @ Luggage Store


Nina Power, One Dimensional Woman, Zero Books, 2009, Jim Dodge, Fup, 1987, Rudolph Wurlitzer, Drop Edge of Yonder, 2008, Kristin Ross, The Emergence of Social Space: Rimbaud and the Paris Commune, Minnesota, 1988, Sheila Ortiz Taylor, Faultline, NAIAD, 1982, Richard Brautigan, Willard and his Bowling Trophies, 1975, Christopher Petit, Robinson, Viking, 1993, Sachiko Murakami, Rebuild, Talonbooks, 2011, David Harvey, Rebel Cities, Verso, 2012, Reyner Banham, Scenes in America Deserta, Peregrine Smith, 1982, Flannery O’Connor, Wise Blood, 1952, Sean Bonney, Happiness: poems after Rimbaud, Unkant, 2011, ROLU & WELCOMEPROJECTS, Here There, There Here, HDTS, 2011, Laurie Weeks, Zippermouth, Feminist Press, 2011, Chris Goode, ed., Better Than Language: an anthology of new modernist poetries, ganzfeld, 2011, Joanna Russ, The Two of Them, 1978, WIlliam Rowe, Nation, pub?, 2011,  Joe Luna, ed., Hi Zero #14, 2012, Jean Rhys, Voyage in the Dark, 1926

Plus Arnold J. Kemp @ 2nd floor Projects, Picasso’s Vollard Suite @ the British Musuem, Yayoi Kusama, Anna Molskam @ Ciprian Muresan @ Tate Modern, Gillian Wearing @ Whitechapel


Pamela Lu, Ambient Parking Lot, Kenning, 2011, Miguel Syjuco, Illuminato, 2010,  Rodrigo Rey Rosa, The Good Cripple, trans Esther Allen, NDP, 1996/2004, Flannery O’Connor, The Violent Bear it Away, 1960, Abraham Lincoln #7, eds. Mohommad & Boyer, 2012, Luisa Valenzuela, He Who Searches, trans Helen Lane, 1977/87, Mario Bellatín, Beauty Salon, trans Kurt Hollander, City Lights, 2000/09, Laura Jaramillo, The Reactionary Poems, olywa, 2008, Jeroen Mettes, “Political Poetry: A Few Notes: Poetics for N30,” trans Vicent van Gerven Oei, Continent #2.1, 2012, Lars Bang Larsen, “Zombies of Immaterial Labor: the modern monster and the death of death,” e-flux 2010, Lost Children’s School of Cartography, “Lost in the Fog: Dead Ends & Potentials of the Occupy Movement,” Nov 2011,  Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, 1940,  Sergio Chejfec, My Two Worlds, trans Margaret Carson, Open Letter, 2008/11, Keston Sutherland, Stress Positions, Barque, 2009, Dia Felix, “Los Angeles Hurricane,” 2010,

plus Yedda Morrison @ Right Window, Alexis Knowlton @ 2nd Floor Projects, “I am Crime” @ SOMArts, & Daido Moriyama, Robert Adams, Chris Burden’s Metropolis II, & “California Design, 1930-1965” @ LACMA


Alain Badiou, “Hijab,” trans/date unknown, Petroleuse Press, Lauren Beukes, Zoo City, Angry Robot, 2011, Kim Hyesoon, Princess Abandoned, trans Don Mee Choi, Tinfish, 2002/12, Ayana Byrd, “Claiming Jezebel: Black Female Subjectivity & Sexual Expression in Hip-Hop,” 2004,  Dewayne Dickerson, Chunky, V52 Press, 2004, Martha Rosler, “The Artistic Mode of Reproduction: From Gentrification to Occupation,” e-flux, 2012, Shirley Jackson, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, XX Shahrnush Parsipur, Women Without Men, trans. Kamran Talottof & Jocelyn Sharlet, Feminist Press @ CUNY, 1989/2004, Drift: a magazine of West Coast cultural production, #5, eds. Sean Collins & E. Maude Haak-Frendscho, 2012, Diana Sailer, Wikipedia Says it Will Pass, Red Ceilings Press, 2011, Joseph Yearous-Algozin, The Lazarus Project: Alien vs. Predator, Troll Thread, 2010, Marriane Morris, Iran Documents, Trafficker, 2012, César Aira, Varamo, trans Chris Andrews, NDP, 1999/2012, Homay King, “Antiphon: Notes on the People’s Microphone,” MS, 2011,  David Jones, In Parenthesis, 1937, Renee Gladman, The Ravickians, Dorothy Project, 2011, Society of Enemies, “Blockading the port is only the first of many last resorts…”, 2011, Paolo Bacigalupi, The Wind-up Girl, 2010, Etel Adnan, Sitt Marie Rose, trans Georgina Kleege, Post-Apollo, 1978/82 Lara Durback, Garbage Research 1: Hoarders & those resembling hoarders, dusie, 2011, Yukio Mishima, The Soldier who Fell from Grace with the Sea,  Sean Bonney, The Commons, Openned Press, 2011, Moniru Ravanipur, “We Only Fear the Future,” trans MR Ghanoonparvar, 1990

Plus Tadashi Moriyama & Robert Mineruni @ Johansson Projects, & Lowell Darling @ Kroswerk


Griselda Gambaro, Antígona Furiosa, trans Marguerite Feitlowitz, Northwestern, 1989/92, Diana Taylor, “Griselda Gambaro and Argentina’s Drama of Disappearance,” 1992, Zoe Beloff, “Bodies Against Time,” Triple Canopy, 2012, Grzegorz Wróblewski, A Marzipan Factory, trans Adam Zdrodowski, Otoliths, 2010, Adam Kirsch, “The New World of William Carlos Williams,” NYR, 2011, Helena Sheehan, “South Africa: The Left Must Launch a Counteroffensive,” Monthly Review, 2011, Lauen Beukes, Moxyland, 2010, Boris Vian, Foam of the Daze, trans Brian Harper, TamTam, 1947/2003, Anne Tardos, I am You, Salt, 2008, Anne Boyer, My Common Heart, Spooky Girlfriend Press, 2011, Leon Baham, Ponyboy, Sigh: a word problem, Birds of Lace Press, 2011, Teju Cole, Open City, Random House, 2011, Carson McCullers, Reflections in a Golden Eye, 1941,  Judi Carson, “The Aesthetics of Repetition: a case for Oscar Masotta,” X-tra, 2012, Lauren Berlant, “Cruel Optimism,” Differences, 2006, Erin Moure, The Unmemntioable, Anansi, 2012, Matt Longabucco, Goodbye Pangaea, in MS, Xi Chuan, Yours Truly & Other Poems, trans Lucas Klein, Tinfish, 2011, Uyen Hua, a/s/l, ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni, 2011, Stephen Collis, The Primordial Density Perturbation, Tinfish, 2011

Plus Francesca Woodman @ SFMOMA, “The Ungovernables” @ New Museum, “Objects in Performance” @ The Goethe Institute, Zoe Strauss @ Philadelphia Museum, Clifford Owens, Janet Cardiff, & Henry Taylor @ PS1, Yvonne Rainer @ Dia Beacon, Darrell Jones, Niall Noel Jones, Nicholas Leicther, & Regina Rocke @ Danspace Project, & Sonya Rapoport @ Mills Art Museum.