Chelsea Bed-In


“Everyone gets 15 minutes of shame”

New York, Feb 2008 – AWP off-site event –

I was asked by Dawn Lundy Martin & Stephanie Hopkins to read with others in their room at the Chelsea Hotel. For my 15 minutes I got into bed, removed my pants, set my timer, and improvised a live instant-message conversation in front of the audience, speaking aloud my half of the  conversation.

Excerpts from the transcript:

No t’ in bed, yeah

Of course

No I would never lie to you

No I would never lie in bed

No iwould never lie in your bed to you

No I would never lie to you in bed



No not hat

No not hat

Well I would do that but all these people are watching me

well that’s more of a philosophical question, isn’t it?

No I think it is “writing”

No it’s true, it’s only happending “now” but isn’t hat

What “we” claim to “want”? that kind of presence?

Yeah theyre hard

Do I have to?


Yeah they are.

No I told you I don’t lie

Yes when I write fiction it’s by definition lies

And yes I am writing fiction now

And yes I ma lying (down) now






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